Why is everyone so fat!

why are we so fat
You wouldn’t be surprised if I said “it’s because everyone is just eating far to much and are just too lazy to do any exercise”!

why are we so fat
But is this really the reason?

I don’t think so!

I’ve started to look seriously at why everyone seems to be getting fatter and fatter in the western world? And why even though we have so much more knowledge, and access to knowledge, through things like the internet and social media, this still seems to be the case? People are not getting healthier in fact this generation is going to be the first in decades not to live longer than their parents did, or will!


Why is this?

I’m sure it’s not the case that people have become so lazy that they just can’t be bothered to do anything about it. 
You only have to look at the surge in gym memberships. The so called healthy food options in the supermarket and the thousands of different diets that everyone’s on.
You know people are worried, and are trying to do something about the fact we’re all getting grossly overweight!

But despite of the above measures we are taking, and many others, it doesn’t seem to alter the fact everyone is just getting fat.

Obviously there’s a reason? And so when asking this question to myself.  I thought long and hard of why this is happening in this supposed intelligent and richer than ever Weston world.
I can only come to one conclusion; that is that we are missing something! Why would we be getting heart disease more than at any time in the past? Why is cancer killing us off in droves. And why is there such a high percentage of our population on the brink of developing diabetes, gout and all manner of other ailments. Although they have always existed were rare  in the past?

Something has really gone wrong.


But What?