And it all starts with diet.
We are eating all wrong!

At no time in the past have we had such an abundance of food. The problem is that the vast majority of the foods we eat are completely devoid of the nutrients and minerals. These used to be so abundant a few decades ago. This is because of, the way in which most food is being produced in the modern world.
Everything is so mass produced that we have lost sight of quality!

Messed up!

The food chain has been all messed up! Chemicals that are put into the soil start the whole process off.
They deplete the soil of bacteria. These are needed to process the nutrients in the plants that we eat.
Once the plant has started to grow, it gets more doses of pesticides. They make it grow big and fat, fast and because it’s been sprayed with pesticides it kills anything that gets in the way.


We feed that plant to livestock who are kept in unnatural conditions.
They’re given loads of antibiotics to make them grow big, fat and fast. And to thwart the diseases that they get; usually because of being kept in unnatural situations.
You may eat this product at this point, after it’s been nicely packed in loads of plastic (which I will talk about another time).
Or you could wait for someone else to process it some more. Plying it with a load more different additives, then presenting it as a meal to pop into the microwave for 2 minutes, before you eat an unknown number of introduced poisons.

No slowing up.

This is what is happening now!
And there’s no slowing up.
Everything and anything that speeds up this cycle is being implemented. Served up to us as the the modern way of living. The reason for all this is to put money in the big industry’s pocket. They tell everyone, it’s so they can pass on and save the common people money. But we all know that just is the case, if it were, we would all be a lot better off in a financial sense (even if not in a health sense).
Business and businesses are not doing anything to make life better for anyone other than their shareholders, and that's just fine but don’t try telling everyone anything different.
Make them change!